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Who Are AGM Group?

AGM Relocation Ltd is the parent company of Abels Moving Services Ltd, Gerson Relocation Ltd, Global Moving Services Ltd and Momentous Relocation Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the “AGM Group”).

Abels Moving Services: Dedicated to providing best in class UK and International residential moving services to a wide and diverse client base moving privately within and from the UK.

Gerson Relocation: Delivering moving and relocation solutions to the employees and families of some of the world’s largest multinational businesses, relocating to work overseas.

Momentous: Deliver fine art packing, shipping and storage solutions to the art world and assist corporations manage their in-house art collections, enable museums and galleries to be able to exhibit the most amazing collections and private clients acquire and move art worldwide.

Global Moving Services: Global Moving Services is focused on delivering great value moving solutions directly to consumers and their families looking to start a new life in a new home in a new country anywhere worldwide. Operating four distinctive brands ensure AGM Group member companies remain focussed and invested on specific skill sets, and concentrated on delivering individual specialised services to our clients, both corporate and private.

Each of the AGM Group’s brands are focused on providing a first-class, world beating service, by consistently specialising in their own individual fields and areas of expertise. In a world of change comes much opportunity: the newly formed AGM Group has clear areas of demarcation, enabling us to deliver only the best services that our clients expect and deserve. To find out more, please contact us directly: enquiries@agm.group


This provides best practice in terms of how we operate and ensure compliance at every level. Everything we do is overseen by the AGM Group board, with Paul Evans as our Chairman.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As an international business, headquartered in the UK, we operate responsibly and to strict standards defined by UK and international law. We have an extensive Corporate Social Responsibility programme and policies across these seven areas:





Employee wellbeing


Talent & Development

How we influence best practice

1. Own offices

We focus on our own staff and offices to ensure best practices. This is the area where we are able to make the most immediate impact and implement changes quickly.

2. Supply Chain Management

As a global business, we employ and manage suppliers around the world to deliver relocation and moving services. We also work with key international service partners. We are able to influence their best practices to improve standards worldwide as part of the conditions of working for us.

3. Customers

Through the delivery of services, we are able to influence the behaviours of our customers by offering the latest best practices as standard. By creating awareness of the key issues and providing solutions to our customers we are able to make a positive impact and help them achieve their own governance and CSR objectives too.

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