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Carbon Balance your Shipments by Planting a Tree with the World Land Trust

By choosing AGM Group for your shipments, you are not just minimizing your carbon footprint – you are also positively impacting lives and preserving biodiversity.

AGM group is dedicated to integrating environmental initiatives into our daily operations. In collaboration with the World Land Trust charity, we are proud to provide all our customers, whether they are individuals or businesses, the opportunity to participate in tree planting activities. For a £5 donation, you can plant a tree with us, knowing that it will be cared for and safeguarded during its growth.

By planting a tree now, we pave the way for future forests. Your contribution not only helps lower the carbon footprint of your relocation but also aids in the revival of depleted forests, the rehabilitation of ecosystems, and the alleviation of potential climate alterations.

Why Plant Trees?

One of the most effective solutions in combating climate change is the planting of trees, as they absorb approximately 22 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere annually.

Trees play a crucial role in our ecosystem by absorbing Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere, contributing to cleaner air, and creating habitats for wildlife. Without trees, the landscape would greatly suffer. Additionally, trees enhance our world and offer numerous benefits for all living beings. Despite their essential importance, trees are facing extensive deforestation.

Planting trees goes beyond carbon sequestration and reforestation. It also creates job opportunities and helps alleviate poverty in the regions where trees are planted.

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