AGM Group Gender Pay Gap Report 2024

Gender Pay Gap Report 2024

For the companies within the AGM Group the gender pay gap is not simply a question of equal pay for employees, it is about the difference between the hourly wages for men and women across the group taking account of the different roles and their associated salary structures.

AGM Group are a transport and logistics company having a higher proportion of male employees than female employees, with male employees making up 58% of the total and female employees 42%.

The physical roles of packers, porters drivers and operations managers are predominantly filled by male employees while female employees make up the majority of office based staff with roles covering finance, move management and customer service teams

Diverse workplace

Our GPG analysis shows a Median Gender Pay Gap of -9.98% indicating that men are paid less than women in the AGM Group.

Gender Pay Gap

The Mean Gender Pay Gap is 6.91% and AGM Group is committed to looking at initiatives to close any gender pay gap to help create a fair and inclusive working environment for all employees.

The management team are focusing on delivering performance related pay incentives as part of a comprehensive process to foster long term retention together with a positive working environment.